Bare Act of RTI – Right to Information Act 2005

I have created a easy to use webpage with full RTI Act with section index.  You can click on any section to jump to its content, and press back button in browser to go back to top index again.

Links to other sources are also given below:

 Official link which gives bare act in single page:

 Another link below the full bare act in a single page:

The official page giving RTI Act in multiple languages is below:

This is the official website of CIC (Chief Information Commissioner) which gives RTI Act in various pages (note:  though from official source, the numbering of sections re-starts for each chapter of RTI Act which is confusing, so better to avoid):






  1. Anil says

    In my opinion, it won’t stop any corruption through RTI, as it is not quite sure that the department is giving correct information to the applicant or any citizen of India, who wants to seek information or the sufferer. The first loophole is that nobody wants to take a big risk for losing his job from the State Government, especially contractual employees. Secondly, the top authorities can easily spoilt the career or may ruin the life of any of the contracrual employee by making any of the allegations. The reason is that our whole system can not be improved until & unless we make unity to elimiate the evil of CORRUPTION from the Central Government or from State Government. I have completed at about 13 years satisfactorily service on Contract basis in Government Sector with great honesty and I am very much sure that till my death, I remain on contract. I have paid the heavy price for honesty. But it is very surprising to say that the persons, who have joined with me are now regularised, due to their approach. That’s why, RTI is not enough to stop corruption. It is just a drama and wastage of time and money

  2. G N Shaikh says

    Thanks for the RTI Act. Many peoples are aware of this act. and getting benefits of this act.
    But when this matter goes to appeal the authorities are not interested to penalize to the offenders. Even the commission orders the offender to provide the information only. After struggling years and harassed mentally and financially by offenders. The order by commission to provide the information only is a comic and cruelty and injustice with the applicant. This type of orders will encourage the offenders and the importance of RTI Act is vanishing. My humble request to the appeal authorities and commissioners to act hard with offenders as they have committed the offence under RTI Act and justice with applicants. There are thousands of complains are pending with commission and applicants have to suffer for years just because of no penalties were imposed to offenders and they take it easy as they know nothing will be happens and they enjoy the disadvantage of the appeal authorities and commissioners orders.

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